Skaftafell - Flight and Local Guide Glacier Experience

Skaftafell - Flight and Local Guide Glacier Experience

Duration: 9 hours / Difficulty: Very easy

If you are looking for an introduction to glacier hiking in Iceland, then this is the tour for you.

This tour will start with a flight from Reykjavík to Skaftafell there you will be picked up by local guides from our base at Skaftafell airport. which are neighbouring glacier tongues descending from the vast Vatnajökull ice cap. 

Local Guides will go over the the basics of hiking on a glacier and you will learn how to put on crampons and more. 
With an ice axe in hand we will then embark on a 1 1/2 km guided excursion of glacier.

Your guide will be pointing out some of the fascinating features of the ice while on the hike.

The glacier surface and color changes a lot depending on the time of year, but one thing is true for the whole year, it is always an out of this world experience to walk on a glacier.

What to bring: hiking shoes with ankle support, outdoor clothes depending on weather at the time (e.g. fleece and waterproof jacket).

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